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Practical Legal Solutions

Okay, let's just face some facts head on:  1) Lawyers are often the target of lots of criticism; 2) Lawyers are considered to be arrogant; and 3) Lawyers are often accused of failing to recognize the needs of their clients.  These types of complaints are all too common in our profession.  So, we want for you to know from the beginning of our contact that we recognize that you may be contacting us with these types of concerns in your mind.

A little perspective may be warranted on this subject:  People usually are contacting a lawyer when things have gone wrong.  Financial problems lead to bankruptcy; domestic relations problems lead to divorce or custody disputes; an arrest leads to a criminal prosecution; a personal injury leads to the need for a civil lawsuit, etc.  The list of reasons why someone would contact a lawyer is too long to list but our first point is simply that when you are contacting us, we recognize that more often than not you are encountering a difficult time in your life.

Also, part of the criticism of lawyers comes from difficulties presented by the judicial system itself.  Nothing created by humans has ever been perfect and our judicial system, while quite effective, is never going to be perfect.  Assisting our clients in understanding the judicial system is a paramount concern for us.  Our second point is that we will help you navigate the judicial system by explaining to you the steps that we are taking.

This is a topic that could easily take volumes to cover but the last and, in our view, most important piece of this topic is our desire to tailor your representation to your individual needs.  We will take time to listen to your concerns.  We will also take the time to explain the legal remedies available to you.  We will work with you to achieve the ultimate goal of a practical legal solution for you.

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